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We have filed hundreds and hundreds of bankruptcy cases discharging millions of debt by law; the Bankruptcy Code. We have been in business for over ten years providing the best bankruptcy experience for reasonable fees. Schedule a free consultation with our experienced Milpitas California bankruptcy attorneys to find out if bankruptcy, the law, is right for you and your family. Now more than ever is why bankruptcy exists. When circumstances outside of your control negatively affect your financial life is why bankruptcy exists; the law. No one could know the Coronavirus COVID-19 would change all of our lives like it has. Luckily in the United States you can obtain a fresh start by law through discharging your debts by filing for bankruptcy protection.

Call us toll free at 1-877-9NEW-LIFE (877-963-95430) or 510-574-7320 to start your new life without crippling debts. Our fees are very reasonable given our experience and payment plans are available.

Please also take a moment of checkout real client reviews that used our services to become debt free by filing for bankruptcy protection. Our commitment to your success is unwavering and we can provide you with the best bankruptcy experience. It is bankruptcy relief for a reason and hopefully you will feel the relief after your free consultation knowing you have a plan and things will be better post-discharge.

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There are many misconceptions about filing bankruptcy and how it affects your life after receiving your discharge. Yes, when filing a chapter 7 the bankruptcy will be on your credit report for ten years. Yes, when filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy the bankruptcy will be on your credit report of 7 years. That does not mean you cannot rebuild your credit score. That does not mean you cannot buy a car. That does not mean you cannot buy a house. That does not mean you cannot rent and enter into a lease for an apartment. You are actually the perfect customer after you receive your discharge for lenders. You have no debt and cannot file for bankruptcy protection for again for many years. You should have the ability to pay your normal living expenses on-time each month post-discharge given you no longer have the monthly debt payments to make. You will be in a better financial position then someone with your same income but still has $40,000 in credit card debt to pay on each month. Discrimination based upon having filed for bankruptcy protection is also illegal.

Generally all of your stuff can be protected when filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy case or chapter 13 bankruptcy case. California is an expensive place to live and especially in the Bay Area and Milpitas, California. California has generous exemptions to protect your stuff. It is extremely rare for anyone to lose assets. If you do have some assets that have high values there is always Chapter 13 to reorganize your debts, keeping your high value assets and still obtaining relief from your creditors. That is another misconception. Rarely do chapter 13 bankruptcy filers have to pay back all of their debts. Even if a 100% payback is required it is still under better terms than in the real world. There will be no interest accruing that must be paid and you will be 100% debt free at the end of the chapter 13 plan one way or another which is wonderful.

Our Milpitas, California bankruptcy attorney is located at 2450 Peralta Blvd. Ste. 219, Fremont, California. Depending upon what you prefer we can conduct your FREE CONSULTATION over the phone or an in office appointment. It is up to you. The recent passage of the CARES Act also is helpful given Coronavirus relief payments or income are not counted as part of your income calculation to qualify for Chapter 7 or what your obligation to your creditors is in a chapter 13 case.

Can you imagine your new life without debt? It is possible and the law provides you have this right. It is not the wild wild west of debt consolidation or debt relief companies that have very little legal oversight. The entire bankruptcy system is in place to protect your rights and make sure you get the relief the Bankruptcy Code provides. Then you receive a Federal Court discharging your debts enforceable in the entire United States forever. The Bankruptcy Code provides certainty while in the real world there is only uncertainty. Debt relief or debt consolidation companies do not care if and when you are 100% debt free. They only care about collecting their monthly fees or service fees regardless of whether you are ever 100% debt free. Of course no one really wants to file bankruptcy, but is the law and these laws are for your benefit. The Bankruptcy Code and rules of procedure even regulate bankruptcy attorney fees and costs you pay. Everything is disclosed in the bankruptcy filing for your protection and benefit. In the real world if a debt relief company or debt consolidation companies takes your money and you have no idea how you benefited there is little recourse given you most likely do not have the time or money to get justice. In the bankruptcy world there are required disclosures, a trustee assigned to your case, the United States Trustee and a bankruptcy judge to make sure your case is completed properly. If not us bankruptcy attorneys could have to give the money you paid back or even sanctioned by the bankruptcy court. I cannot tell you have money people we have helped that do not understand why they are getting sued even though their debts are part of some debt relief or debt consolidation plan from some company located in another state.