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One of the most common misconceptions about filing bankruptcy is that you will lose all of your stuff. How can filing bankruptcy help someone if they have nothing to live life? The good news is that in majority of bankruptcy cases we can protect all of your stuff. There are exemptions to protect some of your assets. In California there are two systems. There are the 703 and 704 exemptions under California Civil Procedure. The 703 exemptions have a generous exemption called the wild card that totals $23,250. This exemption can be applied to any asset. It can be used to protect bank accounts, vehicles, jewelry, stocks, bonds and many other assets you may have.

Another common misconception is that a chapter 13 bankruptcy case is somehow far worse than filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Filing chapter 13 is not the end of the world and actually can be the best financial decision you make. It all depends upon your income, expenses, assets and type of debts you have. Some chapter 13 plan payments are as little as $180 per month. You only have to pay back to your creditors what you can afford to pay them each month. Your chapter 13 plan will be reviewed by the trustee assigned to your case. If everything is in order, the trustee�s office will recommend confirmation and the bankruptcy court will sign the order.